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His holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has consistently advised the Tibetan public to increase their level of knowledge on Buddha Dharma. He has urged Buddhists to utilize their modern education and mental faculties to identify and recognize the actual teachings of Lord Buddha so that they can comprehend the essence of Buddhism.
Buddhism is one religion that provides followers the liberty to question its assertions. It allows one to analyze its premises and validate the results. It’s the methodology of objective inquiries, investigative power and analytical reasoning of Buddhism that led to the advent of this project.
99.9% of Tibetans living in Tibet and in Diaspora are Buddhist. Being the follower of such a unique and authoritative religion, it’s imperative that we comprehend its essence and have answers to fundamental, yet vital questions like; Why are we Buddhists? And What is it to be a Buddhist?
We realized the necessity of introducing Buddhism and inculcating Buddhist concepts to the Tibetan mass in general and Tibetan youth in particular. In the nutshell, Online Buddhism Class aims to strengthen faith and trust of Buddhists on Buddhism and to cultivate 21st century Buddhists.


Online Buddhism Class (OBC) is a volunteer driven, staff managed organization imparting basic knowledge of Buddhism into Tibetan mass in general and Tibetan Youth in particular. OBC works in collaboration with Do-Ngak-Kunphen-Ling, Tibetan dharma center for universal peace, Redding,Connecticut.
OBC has a vision to teach Buddhism in a way, which uses state-of-the art teaching technique that is easily accessible, reliable, and importantly, relevant to everyone.

* To provide quality Buddhist education to (Tibetan) people living all around the world, especially in those places where there are no Tibetan religious centers and preachers.
* To strengthen and reinforce faith of Buddhists on Buddhism.
* To nurture and cultivate 21st century Buddhists.
* To preserve Tibetan language and cultural heritage. The classes are hence taught majorly in Tibetan with some explanation in English.


Tenzin Kalsang

Tsultim Tenzin


Geshe Lobsang Dhargye

Board Members:

Ngodup Phuntsok

Tenzin Gocha